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What am I reading? For the most part, natural science: geography of plants and animals. Increasingly systematic forestry, gardening and agriculture are step by step destroying all natural and breeding places: hollow trees, fallow land, thickets of shrubs, withered leaves on the garden grounds. It pained me so when I read that. Not because of the song they sing for people, but rather it was the picture of the silent, irresistible extinction of these defenseless little creatures which hurt me to the point that I had to cry. It reminded me of a Russian book which I read while still in Zurich, a book by Professor Sieber about the ravages of the redskins in North America. In exactly the same way, step by step, they have been pushed from their land by civilized men and abandoned to perish silently and cruelly.

Rosa Luxemburg, letter from prison, 1919

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MODERATION PRINCIPLES: The Marxism mailing list is extremely permissive. There are a couple of things that are frowned upon strongly. If you come to the list with the attitude that you are a true Bolshevik, who needs to convert 'Mensheviks' to your beliefs, you will be unsubbed. Members of self-declared vanguard parties who can adjust to the tolerant atmosphere of the list are more than welcome, since they usually bring with them years of Marxist study and political experience. We also welcome non-Marxists who come to the list in a respectful attitude, desiring to learn more. However, if you have decided for yourself that Marxism is wrong and that your purpose on the list is to struggle to convince others of that, you should not subscribe. The Internet has many forums where Marxists and anti-Marxists can debate. This is not one of them.

We also exclude fights over whether Trotsky, Stalin or Mao, etc. represent the true continuity with Marx, Engels and Lenin. A search for such pedigrees tends inevitably to degenerate into sterile scholasticism and flame wars.

POSTING GUIDELINES: Unlike other email lists, Marxmail has some rules that we are fairly strict about. Number one, you must post in plain text rather than styled text (i.e., html) since styled text, which allows you to use colored fonts, etc., imposes a heavy bandwidth overhead. Number two, if you are replying to a previous posting, you must clip all text that is not relevant to your reply. This also helps to restrict bandwidth to the exchange of useful information. Information on these and other posting rules can be found here. Our technical coordinator Les Schaffer is responsible for enforcing these rules and can be contacted at if you need assistance.

PROTECTING YOUR NAME AND REPUTATION: Your Marxism list postings are copied automatically and permanently to multiple public archives on the worldwide web. If you are worried that something that you say in the heat of the moment, or that something might be said against you, will jeopardize your job or reputation, please sub to the list using an assumed name on We do not recommend since this service attracts spam.

DO NOT ALLOW YOUR MAILBOX TO FILL UP: Marxmail is a high-volume mailing list. If you allow your mailbox to fill up while on vacation or some other extended leave from your computer, messages bounce back to the moderator. When this happens, you will be unsubbed. It is best to either unsub yourself before your absence and resub when you return, or simply disable email delivery on your Marxmail options page, available after logging in here.


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