Labor/Trade Union

Association for Union Democracy -- Brooklyn based group fighting for a strong labor movement.

The Barking Dog: rank-and-file UAW newsletter

Blue Collar Review: Journal of Progressive Working Class Literature

Bread and Roses: cultural project launched by Local 1199 and Moe Foner

Center for Community Change: aid for low-income people

Center for Immigration Studies.

Killer Coke: exposes repression of trade unionists in Colombian plants owned by soft drink company

Confined Space: blog devoted to worker health and safety issues

Face Intel: website focused on abuses against employees

Farm Labor Organizing Committee

Gangbox: rank-and-file construction workers.

Heartland network: how American trade unions can protect members' savings and create jobs

International Transport Workers' Federation.

Jobs With Justice: fights for better jobs and working conditions in the USA

Just Health Care: The Labor Party's Rx for a Healthy America

Labor art and music: maintained by Canadian Postal Workers Union.

Labor/Community Strategy Center, Los Angeles group led by long-time activist Eric Mann.

Labor Educator: Harry Kleber's pro-union website.

The Labor Heritage Foundation: source for posters, videos, etc.

Labornet -- Formerly the labor section of IGC.ORG. Is now an independent resource for militant trade unionism.

Labournet -- British affiliate of above.

Labor Notes -- Activists fighting for democracy in the US trade unions.

Labor Research Associates: provides background info and consulting to the trade unions.

Labor Rights: fights against unpaid wages

National Organizers Alliance: US-based grass roots activism.

Pakistani Trade Union Defense Campaign

Raise the Floor: promotes wage raises for the poor.

Slaveway: resources for Safeway workers

United Electrical union website (UE has historically been aligned with the US left)