Marxist theory

Hamza Alavi: Pakistani Marxist scholar

The Autodidact Project: articles by Ralph Dumain

Walter Benjamin Research Syndicate -- Web page devoted to writings of Marxist author who specialized in cultural topics.

BICEPS: The British Institute of Contemporary Economic and Political Studies

Fernand Braudel Research Center -- Immanuel Wallerstein is Director.

Michael Burawoy's website: Berkeley prof who writes books based on experience working in steelmills, etc.

Class against class: autonomist archives

Collective Action (Baltimore Journal) -- Interesting "council Communist" journal (Pannekoek, Mattick, et al).

End Page: extensive autonomist Marxism archives

Andre Gunder Frank's website

David Gibbs: Scholarly articles on the Congo and US foreign policy

"Break their haughty power" -- Loren Goldner's website (interesting council communism articles).

The Commoner: online journal edited by Massimo de Angelis.

Democratie socialiste: French based Marxist analysis

Ceri Evans Archive: Welsh Marxist

Gramsci -- Guide to Gramsci resources on the Internet.

Ted Honderich: Canadian radical philosopher

CLR James Institute.

Journal of World-Systems Research -- Edited by Christopher Chase-Dunn, this is the most important source of "world systems" material.

Labor Republic -- Website of Charles Andrews, author of "From Capitalism to Equality".

Language in the new capitalism (cultural studies).

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Marxist Interventions: Tom O'Lincoln's website.

Peter McClaren: resources for critical pedagogy

Will Miller's website--Will is a veteran activist at the University of Vermont, where he teaches philosophy.

Monthly Review-- Very authoritative journal launched by economist Paul Sweezy in the late 1940s. Was Maoist in the 1960s, but is broadly Marxist and non-sectarian today.

Nation and class: various articles assembled by John Sullivan

New Left Review -- Prestigious British journal.

New Politics -- American Journal edited by Julie Jacobson, a left Shachtmanite and long-time collaborator with Hal Draper.

Professor Takahisa Oishi's resources on Karl Marx

Radical History and Politics -- webpage of Radical History journal and collective

Red Feather Institute -- Marxist sociologists.

David Renton: British Marxist historian.

Research in Political Economy: journal edited by Paul Zarembka

Research Unit in Political Economy: India-based Marxist journal

Revolutionary History -- British journal focusing on the history of the revolutionary movement.

Guy Robinson: writings on science and philosophy from an historical materialist viewpoint

Socialism and Democracy: US-based theoretical magazine.

Socialist Register (Leo Panitch-editor) website

The Socialism WebSite -- Maintained by David McMullen in Australia; good Socialism FAQ.

What Next: British Marxist journal

Victoria Woodhull -- Early Marxist, suffragist, investor and spiritualist!

Erik Olin Wright's website: U. of Wisconsin "analytical Marxism" prof who is not as egregiously wrong-headed as others in this trend.