Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Dr. Susan Block: leftwing sexology

Center for the Biology of Natural Systems: associated with Barry Commoner

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

The Council for Responsible Genetics

cy.Rev -- A journal about computers and socialism.

Center for Science in the Public Interest -- Issues policy papers on food and nutrition from progressive perspective.

Jim Davis's website: articles on technology and economics

Disciplined Minds: website based on book of same title; critiques authoritarian workplaces, especially in the technical and scientific area.

Ron Eglash home page: African fractals; Native American cybernetics

The Einstein File: Fred Jerome's book on FBI snooping on the great scientist

Eugenics image archives -- materials from the Eugenics Record Office at Cold Spring Harbor

Progressive Engineer: addresses ethical and political issues in the profession

Federation of American Scientists -- Leftwing scientists.

The Stephen Jay Gould archive

Michiu Kaku: radical theoretical physicist

Eric Lee: examines computers, society and politics

Medact: medical activism

Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Science of Society: Marxism, science and dialectics

Prof. Helena Sheehan: author of "Marxism and the Philosophy of Science".

Alan Sokal -- NYU physicist who pulled the wool over the eyes of postmodernist Marxists at "Social Text" magazine. Sokal is not a Marxist himself, but has the goods on the pomos.

The Synthesist: leftwing analysis of software

Union of Concerned Scientists -- Emphasis on ecological problems