Prisoner's rights/Legal

The case of Sherman Austin (victimized by FBI as "terrorist")

Campaign to end the death penalty.

Save Kevin Cooper: inmate on death row

Critical Resistance: grass-roots campaign against prison-industrial system.

Downhill Battle: defends RIAA file-sharing victims

Efficacy: advocates enlightened drug policies

Free Mumia!: information on struggle to defend black liberation activist facing death penalty

The Jericho Movement: prisoners' rights

William Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice: Kunstler was a distinguished civil and constitutional rights lawyer.

US ICDSM: US National Section, Committee to Defedend Slobodan Milosevic

Narconews: campaigns against the "drug war"

The National Lawyers Guild/Maurice and Jane Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice.

November Coalition: advocates enlightened drug policies

Prison Activist Resource Center -- Defends victims of the class war. Initiated by Angela Davis.

Michael Ratner -- Outstanding constitutional lawyer and activist.

Yannis Serifis: Greek trade unionist charged with terrorism

Lynne Stewart: US lawyer charged with abetting terrorism