Peace movement

American Peace: catalog of US aggressions since 1776

Americans in Europe: antiwar network

Anti-Kriegs Museum: German antiwar museum

Antiwar.Com -- Launched by libertarians, but contains useful information.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists -- Spearheads opposition to nuclear arms testing.

Campus Antiwar Network -- Organizes protests against war in Iraq, including counter-recruitment.

Center for Defense Information -- Run by ex-military men who are critics of US foreign policy.

Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota

COMD website -- The Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft (COMD) is based in San Diego, California. It is a voice of dissent in a region that boasts of having the world's largest military complex.

Compass Roses: claiming the earth for peace and justice

Defense and the National Interest: ex-military dove thinktank

Eclipse: anti-war publication produced by students at U. of Sussex in England

Education for Peace in Iraq (EPIC)

Enola Gay: nuclear weapons history and current policy

Free New School University: students protesting Bob Kerrey's militaristic policies

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.

Zoltan Grossman: geography professor and peace activist

David Hackworth -- David Hackworth was a top military officer who turned against US policy during the Vietnam war.

Defense Tech: leftist analysis of the future of the military, law enforcement, and national security

Insane Reagan: California-based antiwar comedy and information

International Action Center -- Peace group headed by Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General in the Johnson administration.

IFCO -- Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) /Pastors for Peace

Robert Jensen: U. of Texas has taken vocal antiwar stand in aftermath of 9/11.

The Legacy Project: text and images dealing with 20th century cataclysms

Media Education Foundation: alternative to post-9/11 war propaganda.

National Priorities Project: US group promoting social rather than military spending -- Website with links/info related to American peace groups.

Nonviolence USA: website of philosophy professor Greg Moses.

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Peaceful Tomorrows: peace group initiated by relatives of 9/11 victims

People Against the Draft

The Sunshine Project: opposes chemical and biological weaponry

The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research

United for Peace: Iraq antiwar coalition initiated by Global Exchange

Veterans for Common Sense: soldiers who fought in last Gulf war question a new war

Vietnam Veterans Against the War

War Times: USA newspaper begun to counter post 9/11 war hysteria

Who dies for Bush lies?

Why war?: students from Swarthmore launched this site

Brian Willson: long-time peace activist in the USA. Lost legs protesting train carrying munitions

World War 3 Report: Produced by Pacifica radio host Bill Weinberg