Marxist and radical parties

British SWP -- "State Capitalist" group led by Chris Harman, Alex Callinicos and John Rees. Has grown rapidly in recent years.

Broad Left: directory of leftist parties

ComInterNet -- Listing of Communist Parties worldwide

Committees of Correspondence -- Nonsectarian group launched by Communists who broke with Gus Hall when he backed coup against Gorbachev. Politically close to the South African Communist Party.

In Defense Of Marxism -- British "orthodox" Trotskyists with interesting if catastrophist-leaning viewpoint.

Independent Progressive Politics Network, works for 3rd party in the USA.

International Viewpoint: journal of the Mandelista wing of the 4th International

DSP -- Web page of the Australian Democratic Socialist Party, a post-Trotskyist group very involved with ecology.

Revolution in the Air: Max Elbaum book on the New Communist Movement

Lefthook: nonsectarian revolutionary youth journal

The Militant -- Newspaper of the ex-Trotskyist American SWP. Believes that revolution is around the corner.

New Politics Initiative, works for new left party in Canada.

New Socialist Group: Canadian non-sectarian formation led by David McNally; similar to Solidarity in the U.S.A

Ozleft: documents dealing with the Australian left

Politik und Kultur: includes history of the German left (in English as well)

Quebec's Union of Progressive Forces: a new party of the left

Rebuilding the Left: a conference for the Canadian radical movement

To Change the World: discussion of RCP Draft Programme (Maoist group based in the USA)

Scottish Socialist Party: new non-sectarian revolutionary party; MP Tommy Sheridan is leader

Socialist Solidarity: British website promoting the model of the Scottish Socialist Party.

Socialist Alliance: electoral party combining far-left groups.

Australian Socialist Alliance (modeled on British and Scottish formations).

Solidarity -- Non-sectarian American formation with excellent magazine "Against the Current"

Tribancoch: Welsh nationalism

Albert Weisbord archives: Trotskyist associated with the Oehler tendency

Workers World Party -- Small American "Marxist-Leninist" group very involved with antiwar movements. Works closely with ex-Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who now espouses radical ideas.

World Socialist Website -- Well-written online newspaper put out by remnants of Gerry Healy's organization.