Mideast and Zionism

Ali Abunimah's Bitter Pill: Mideast media coverage analysis.

AL-AWDA: Palestinian right of return coalition.

Aljazeera (English)

Alternative News -- Anti-Zionist newsletter with Jewish and Arab participation.

American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

American Muslims for Jerusalem

Uri Avnery: Israeli dove.

Between the Lines: a project of radical and progressive Palestinians and Israelis

Campaign to Free Marwan Barghouti

Azmi Bishara: member of Knesset victimized for pro-Palestinian statements

www.cactus48.com: anti-Zionist resources

Juan Cole's blog: progressive Mideast scholar

Colorado Campaign for Mideast Peace

Rachel Corrie memorial: killed by Israeli bulldozer while defending Palestinian rights

Crimes Against Humanity: exposes US and Israeli war crimes.

Deir Yassin remembered

ECCMI: Essays and Commentary on Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues

Electronic Intifada -- Voice of the Palestinian resistance.

Norman Finkelstein -- The son of concentration camp survivors, Finkelstein is one of the fiercest critics of Zionism.

From Occupied Palestine: news and analysis

Gush Shalom: Israeli peace group.

Health Development Information and Policy Institute: committed to improving Palestinian health care.

Israeli Committee Against House Demolition

Reports from Rafah: fighting house demolitions in Gaza

Innovative Minds: British based Palestine solidarity

International Solidarity Movement: pro-Palestine, focused on right to harvest olives in peace

Iran Bulletin

Jews Against Zionism: Satmar Hasidic sect opposes Israel

IPCRI: Joint Palestinian-Israeli thinktank

Iraq Journal: independent media coverage

Iron Sheik: Palestinian rap

The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

Israeli soldiers speak out against the occupation

Islamic Association for Palestine: contains revealing quotes from Zionist leaders

Jews for peace in Palestine and Israel

Jewish Unity for a Just Peace: opposes occupation.

Jewish voices against the occupation

The Journal of Arab Students.

Amer Jubran Defense: Palestinian activist facing deportation

Zahi Kamis: Palestinian artist

Media Monitors Network: alternative to mainstream propaganda on the Mideast and Islamic peoples.

Middle East Radio Project

Middle East Realities (MER) -- Anti-Zionist and progressive Arab viewpoints.

Middle East International Magazine

Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP)

Mideast Web: joint Israeli-Palestinian effort

Organization for Democratic Action: new Marxist formation defending Palestinian rights and fighting for a socialist Mideast

Oznik.com: Israelis critical of Zionist expansion

The Palestine Chronicle

Palestine Information with Provenance: resources for the solidarity movement

Palestine Labor Support Committee

Palestine Media Watch

Palestine Monitor: the voice of civil society

Palestine Remembered: a project of Al-'Awda (return in Arabic)

The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights & the Environment

Palestine Solidarity Group

Tanya Reinhart: Israeli peace advocate

Edward Said archives

Stop the Occupation: Palestine solidarity

Students Allied For Freedom and Equality (SAFE): for Israel divestment

SUSTAIN: Stop US Tax-Funded Aid to Israel

Ta'Ayush: Jewish-Arab partnership

Tikkun: left-liberal Zionist outlet, with some good information and analysis

A lecture on Zionism