Latin America

AmericanLatino: news and information geared to Latinos in the USA

David Bacon's website: photojournalist specializing in exposing class injustice in Mexico and other third world countries.

Committee to Free Lori Berenson

Castro speech database -- U. of Texas archives going back to the 1950s, with powerful search engine.

Che Guevara -- Che Guevara website.

Cowboy in Caracas: pro-Chavez website of USA citizen

Center for Cuba Studies -- Administered by long-time activist Sandra Levinson.

CIEPAC: Mexican research and solidarity group focusing on Chiapas

Colombia Report: online news with a NACLA tilt

National Mobilization on Colombia

Colombia Support Network -- Organization with emphasis on human rights rather than support for the guerrillas.

Council on Hemispheric Affairs: liberal think-tank

CubaDebate: official site to fight media terrorism led by the big multinationals

Cuba: Frequently Asked Questions -- Answers lies about the Cuban revolution.

Cuba Anti-Terrorism website.

Cuba Issues and Answers.

Cuba Socialista: bilingual information

Cuba Solidarity Network

AfroCubaWeb -- Afro-Cuban art and culture.

Cuba Portal: Canadian-based resources

Free the Cuban Five

Canada Cuba Tours

The Democracy Center -- Supports leftwing NGO's, particularly in Latin America.

EZLN -- EZLN web page, mostly in Spanish.

Jane Franklin: articles on US foreign policy and the Cuban revolution

Haiti Action Committee

Landless Voices Web Archive: supports the movement in Brazil

Latin American development archive

Latin American Network Information Center at the University of Texas

Walter Lippmann: notes on a trip to Cuba, with interesting data

Mexico Solidarity Network: coalition of 80 progressive groups in Mexico and the USA.

Mexican Labor News and Analysis: edited by Dan LaBotz

Playa Giron: Cuba information

Progreso Weekly: South Florida progessive news, promotes thaw with Cuba

Rebelion: Spanish/English alternative information created by James Petras.

Resource Center -- Resource Center of the Americas, news and analysis of connections between Latin America, Caribbean and the US.

Rock Around the Blockade: British Cuba solidarity

Strait Talk: multimedia documentary on Cuba

Venezuela Analysis: edited by team that includes Greg Wilpert

Venezuela's Electronic News: pro-Chavez

Venezuela FOIA: documents revealing US funding and support of anti-Chavez groups

The Revolution Will Not be Televised: Hugo Chavez film website

WOLA -- Washington Office on Latin America.

Zapatistas -- U. of Texas website for the Chiapas rebellion.