War in Iraq

The War in Context: Iraq blog

World Tribunal on Iraq: proceedings from May 8th meeting in NYC

Iraq Daily War News

Traveling soldier: pro-GI, antiwar

Iraq body count

Iraq today: news and information

Iraq Democracy: anti-occupation blog

Iraq Occupation Watch

Bring Them Home Now: anti-occupation in Iraq

The Progressive Coalition Against War and Sanctions on the people of Iraq (Canadian based)

Iraq and Our Energy Future: produced by Zoltan Grossman's geography class

S.O.S Irak: Belgian peace activists

Poets against the war

The Turkish Peace Initiative

Stop the War: Canadian website

Back to Iraq: Chris Albritton's blog, an unembedded reporter in Iraq

Where is Raed?: a blog from Baghdad suburbs

Iraq Journal: independent media coverage

Caipirinha Productions: independent film company with documentary on Iraq

Call to Conscience: veterans opposed to war with Iraq

Chicken-hawk database (top Bush administration officials who shirked combat)

Code Pink: Women's Pre-emptive Strike for Peace

Education for Peace in Iraq (EPIC)

Not in our name: opposes war with Iraq

Not the enemy: website for antiwar documentary

Rooting Out Evil: Canadian peace activists pushing for inspection of USA for weapons of mass destruction

Stop the War: British coalition opposed to war with Iraq

Trapock Peace Center: resources against invasion of Iraq

United for Peace: Iraq antiwar coalition initiated by Global Exchange

Veterans for Common Sense: soldiers who fought in last Gulf war question a new war

Campaign Against Sanctions in Iraq

The Iraq Action Coalition

National Network to End the War Against Iraq

The Wartime Project (artists against war)

Cities for Peace: network for lining up municipal opposition to war with Iraq

Idleworm: blog with bitterly satirical game on war with Iraq

Electronic Iraq

Lysistrata Project: antiwar theater