Indigenous Struggles

Akha Heritage Foundation -- Northern Thai people facing threats from missionaries and "developers".

American Indian Review (British publication).

Black Mesa Indigenous Support: Big Mountain site.

Cree Homepage -- Indians based in Quebec, who live in Eeyou Istchee, which means People's Land.

Dakota-Lakota-Nakota Human Rights Coalition and Advocacy

Dark Night News: Indigenous struggles

Jordan Dill Webpage -- Dill has assembled many valuable documents and links in his web page, including information on Wounded Knee and resistance to Plymouth Rock celebrations in New England.

The Eastern Door: Mohawk newspaper

First Nations -- First Nations web links, all about indigenous struggles in North America including anti-mascot fights, etc.

Fourth World Resources -- a valuable website sponsored by the Center for World Indigenous Studies.

High North Alliance -- Defense of whale and seal hunting rights of indigenous peoples, including the Makah.

Hoganview: another site devoted to Big Mountain indigenous activism.

Hunter Gray -- Veteran socialist, indigenous and civil rights activist. -- Very slick but content-rich website devoted to Indian concerns.

Journal of Indigenous Thought

Mapulink: defends Mapuche Indians of Chile.

Metis Homepage -- Metis are Canadian mixed race peoples, the descendants of white hunters and their indigenous wives. Louis Riel was the most famous Metis, who led a rebellion against racism and injustice.

Midwest Treaty Network -- Gathers together reports and links on struggles in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, etc. Fishing rights, land claims, etc.

Mikmaq website -- This is a Canadian Indian tribe fighting to defend fishing rights at Burnt Church.

Native Americas -- home page of a very fine journal on indigenous issues based at Cornell.

Native Americans and the Environment -- A good place to find counter-arguments against recent claims that Indians did not respect nature.

Native Americans and the Environment #2 -- Another good resource.

Native American Authors -- Novelists, poets, essayists, etc.

Native Watch: joint project of ZNET and the AIM associated with Ward Churchill

Native Web --Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World.

Patrin Homepage (Romani Culture and History) -- Web page devoted to Roma (Gypsy) culture, politics and history.

Free Leonard Peltier

Perspectives on Hawaiian sovereignty

Louis Riel website: he led Metis (mixed-race) struggle in 19th century Canda

Roma News -- These are European gypsies, whose site contains cultural information as well as news on fights against racism.

Buffy Sainte-Marie Home Page -- famous folk singer of the 1960s now committed to her people's cause.

Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Center

The Six Nations -- Oldest Living Participatory Democracy on Earth: Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, Senecas and Tuscaroras.

The Stronghold: Lakota struggle to defend sacred site from excavation

Survival International -- Foundation dedicated to indigenous rights.

Turtle Island Institute: combines ecological and indigenous concerns.

Univ. of British Columbia Web Links -- Scholarly collection of material on indigenous issues.

Robert Ward Homepage (Indian lawyer/activist) -- Ward is a member of the Cherokee nation who has provided expert legal aid to indigenous peoples.

Website devoted to "Darkness in El Dorado"; controversy (book about the racist treatment of Yanomami by anthropologists)