Anti-globalization, anti-imperialism

Alternatives: a Turkish journal of International Relations

Anti-imperialista: multilingual site based in Italy

Anti-Imperialist League: news and analysis in 5 different languages

Asylum Support: arguments for open borders (Great Britain)

Boondocks -- An anti-imperialist website (Boondocks, n., hinterland, remote and underdeveloped area. From Tagalog bundok, meaning mountain.

Center for Economic Justice -- Provides information on and organizes campaigns against global capitalism.

Clean Clothes Campaign: anti-sweatshop.

Conscience International: Linking Human Needs with Global Resources

Council of Canadians: similar to Public Citizen in USA

Centre for Research on Globalisation: Michel Chossudovsky's website.

Stop Esso--British campaign against oil giant

Foreign Policy in Focus

Grover Furr's Politics and Social Issues Page -- Grover Furr is an unabashed Stalinist, but his web page has many useful articles and links. anti-globalization site cleverly designed to look like free trade site.

Global Alternative: Internet-magazine of the Institute of Globalization Studies in Russia

Global Exchange -- Organizes "reality" tours to third world countries. Provides material on abuses by Nike, etc.

Global Policy: monitors global inequality.

The Global Site: University of Essex's "Critical Gateway to world politics, society and culture"

Globalization Guide

Jim Huck's Web Page: Art of Deception -- Huck is self-published author whose anti-imperialist writings can be found here. anti-globalization and ecology resources

Interhemispheric Resource Center: pushes for progressive American foreign policy.

National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (USA)

Nike Wages -- Formed by ex-professional soccer player and St. John's coach Jim Keady, provides the facts on Nike--especially in terms of the claim that the company pays "good" wages.

Michael Parenti's Web Page -- Powerful anti-imperialist author and lecturer.

New Internationalist Magazine: global justice news and analysis

The Pavelic Papers: investigates roots of Croatian fascism

People's Decade of Human Rights Education

John Pilger's Web Page -- Australia based anti-imperialist film-maker and author.

Polaris Institute: Canadian-based anti-globalization organization. -- A portal website created in the spirit of the Seattle protests.

The Ruckus Society -- A training center for nonviolent civil disobedience. Provided foot-soldiers for Seattle protests.

Social Science Research Council: left-liberal research association

Village or Pillage: anti-globalization website.

World Bank Boycott.

World Development Movement: British campaign against global inequality

World Hunger