M. Shahid Alam: leftwing economics professor

Califoracle: big business control over the state

Center for Economic and Policy Research: Liberal thinktank with solid data.

Corporate Predator: website of Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman .

Countdown: theoretical and empirical analyses on the functioning of capital

Dollars and Sense: Magazine that tackles questions like unemployment, inflation, etc. from a radical perspective

Gerard Dumenil & Dominique Levy: Marxist economists

Economic Policy Institute: Think-tank supported by the AFL-CIO, contains useful data.

Marxist economics professor Hans Ehrbar's website (includes extensive notes on Capital)

Financial Market Center: progressive think-tank

Gloves Off--barefisted political economy

HarvardWatch: tracks fundraising malfeasance at prestigious American university

Inequality: news, information and expertise on the divide in income, wealth and health

International Working Group on Value Theory

Left Business Observer: Doug Henwood's newsletter focusing on money and business.

Bill Mandel: Veteran radical economist

Iran Virtual Library: information on Iran and the global economy from a progressive standpoint

Los Angeles Alliance For a New Economy

After Capitalism: Seymour Melman's website, deals with capitalism and the permanent arms economy

Fred Moseley's website (Marxist economist involved with value theory).

Nonprofit Watch: examines how corporate interests impact philanthropy and nonprofits

Open secrets: money in US politics

Journal of Poverty: Innovations on Social, Political and Economic Inequalities

POCLAD: Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy

Public Integrity: Investigates corporate influence over US politics