Action for Social and Ecological Justice

AgBiz Tiller Online -- A. V. Kreb's online newsletter focusing on food and farming issues

Amazon Watch

Anti-environmental myths -- Answers to global warming skeptics, etc.

Anti-Lomborg: devoted to refuting Bjorn Lomborg The Skeptical Environmentalist

Anti-Tobacco Resources -- Contains links to anti-tobacco websites.

Judi Bari -- A site to commemorate the life and thoughts of a leading Deep Ecologist.

Bhopal: justice for victims of chemical spills

Bush Green Watch: tracking the Bush Administration's environmental record

California Consumer Watchdog: tracks power company fraud, blackouts, etc..

Center for Media and Democracy -- Tracks PR industry, has covered "mad cow" in depth.

Coast Range: Northwest USA environmentalism

The Commons Sustainability Agenda

Corporate Watch -- Josh Karliner, author of a powerful radical environmentalist book titled "The Corporate Planet" is director. Puts spotlight on corporate malfeasance, from toxic dumping to brownmail.

Defenders of Wildlife -- Species and habitat conservation. Ed Asner is on their board of directors.

Dieoff: Ecological crisis focusing on energy depletion

Durable economics: ecosocialist website created by Barry Brooks.

Earth First! -- Deep ecologists. Group was founded by the late Judith Bari.

Earth Island Institute -- Radical environmentalist group founded by David Brower, the dean of American green politics and founder of the Sierra Club. Brower labeled Clinton as worse on the environment than Reagan and Bush. website of Dave Chandler, Colorado environmentalist

Earth Systems: Environmental education and information.

EarthWINS -- Based in Wisconsin, they focus on abuses by mining companies.

EcoEquity: Radical solutions for global warming

Environmental Defense Fund -- Mainstream group that takes a "results-oriented, pragmatic approach to environmental problems."

EnviroLink -- Internet based clearinghouse for ecology. Founded by a U. of Pittsburgh student in 1991.

Environmental Organization Web Directory -- Search engine for dozens of green-oriented websites.

Environmental News Network -- Daily newsletter on green issues.

Environmental Refugees -- Articles detailing the displacement of indigenous peoples due to rapacious corporations in forests and mountain areas.

Environmental Working Group -- a thinktank which provides data to PIRG's. Runs CLEAR, an outlet for answers to "wise use" and other anti-Green outfits.

Faultline: California environmentalism

Fishbase: database calls attention to looming disappearance of fish and seafood

Food First -- Founded byFrances Moore Lappe, this group exposes irrational capitalist agriculture practices.

Friends of the Earth -- Mainstream group started in 1969. Exists worldwide. This is website of US affiliate.

Gaia Forest Conservation Archives and Portal -- A website that gathers information on forest protection.

Cleanup General Electric: fight to make them pay for PCB removal in the Hudson River .

Global Change: A Review of Climate Change & Ozone Depletion.

Global Public Media: Environmentalist website with focus on oil depletion

GMWatch: monitors genetically modified food

Green Parties of North America-- A much more radical electoral network than the European Greens

Greenpeace -- Well-known group that fights around species preservation, etc. Has shifted to the right during Clinton presidency.

Grist -- online environmentalist magazine.

Environment Hawaii

The Heat is On -- Website connected to Washington Post reporter Ross Gelbspan's book on global warming.

High Country News: ecology in the American west.

IGC: EcoNet -- The ecology section of, which is a leftwing ISP.

Industrial Shrimp Action Network (ISA)

International River Network -- Formed to fight against wasteful dam projects, etc.

Joel Kovel: ecosocialist

The Land Institute: examines agricultural problems

Living Rivers: promotes large-scale river restoration through broad-based mobilization

Mines and Communities: resistance to predatory mining companies

MuseLetter: Richard Heinberg's radical ecology website, with focus on oil

Native Forests -- Dedicated to protecting old growth forests. Web page divided into northern and southern hemispheres.

Natural Resource Defense Council -- Bourgeois environmentalism, Lawrence Rockefeller is on the board of directors.

The Nature Conservancy -- Mainstream biodiversity protection.

Naturenet - Countryside Management & Nature Conservation -- British based group protecting biodiversity.

Mikael Nyberg: author of critique of "green capitalists".

The coming global oil crisis.

Oil Depletion Analysis Centre (ODAC)

Online Environmental Courses -- Run from U. of Cal., Irvine, it has excellent reading material.

Organic Consumers Association: Campaigning for Food Safety, Organic Agriculture, Fair Trade & Sustainability.

PEER: Public employees for environmental responsibility.

Pesticide Action Network

Pressure Point: targets ExxonMobil for environmental abuses, etc

Project Underground -- Fights against mining and oil companies.

Rachel's Weekly -- Extremely valuable environmental newsletter, with superb search engine.

Rainforest Action Network -- Defends forests and the people who live in them.

The RainforestAlliance Home Page -- Mainstream group with heavy philanthropic representation on board of directors.

Redefining progress: sustainable economics and ecology

Requiem -- Jay Hanson's website. Neo-Malthusian, but has excellent information on limits to growth under capitalism.

Sierra Club -- Yuppie greens. Nearly voted for an anti-immigration clause in their constitution.

Our Stolen Future: chemicals and environmental health

David Suzuki: Canadian-based ecology website.

Turtle Island Institute: combines ecological and indigenous concerns.

United Nations Environmental Network.

Urban Ecology: New Mexico based foundation and magazine

Western Organization of Resource Councils -- Farming and ranching environmentalists

Wild Matters: Vermont-based radical environmentalism

Hazel Wolf -- Home page of radical environmentalist who died in 2000 at age of 101.

World Resources Institute -- Bourgeois environmentalists. Board is dominated by corporate and legal figures.

The World's Water: tracks availability of fresh water and threats to same, created by Peter Gleick

World Wildlife Fund -- Mainstream species protection group.

Worldwatch -- Produces yearly reports on the "state of the world". Although led by neo-Malthusians like Lester Brown, their reports are highly valuable.