agglutinations: weekly newsletter devoted to urban culture, politics, and society

Archipelago: excellent online culture/arts magazine

The Arts Collective: a weapon of mass democracy (based in Malta)

The Blacklisted Journalist: website of left-bohemian NYC journalist Al Aronowitz.

Art in Defense of Human Rights -- Art in Defense of Human Rights: Initiated by Danish Sculptor Jens Galschiot, the website publicizes his work and like-minded artists.

Bad Subjects -- Sassy group of "post-Marxists". Heavy on culture; light on political economy.

Bands Against Bush: artists and musicians for peace and social justice

Daniel Barenboim: progressive classical pianist

Betty Bowers: political satire

Black Moustache: leftwing animation

Billy Bragg: British radical folk-rock musician

Clowncrack: political satire by Mr. Fish

Robbie Conal: radical artist

Alex Cox: British radical film-maker

Barry Crimmins: political satirist

Cultural Logic: Marxist analysis of politics, society and the arts

Cultural Matters: journal based at George Mason University

Disacknowledged: California grad student forced to remove uncomplimentary comments about university from MA thesis

Dow Chemical: leftwing parody

Drench Kiss: new publishing venture of Sander Hicks, formerly of Softskull

Edge of sports: sports journalism from a left perspective

The Empowerment Project: supports independent, radical video projects

Brian Eno: rock musician opposed to war

Al Filreis Website -- Filreis is a specialist on the 1950s and his site is filled with excellent documents on the witch hunt, atomic spies, beatniks, etc.

H. Bruce Franklin-- Franklin is a leftist literary critic specializing in Melville and Science Fiction. He has also written about prison literature and Vietnam POWs.

Freemuse: opposes censorship of music

Guernica Gallery: social and political art

Guerrilla Funk Recordings: radical rapper Paris's website

Sander Hicks: socialist playwright and rock musician

Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age

In Contempt Comics

Infinite Jest: political satire

Konscious: socially aware film and video

Labor Art: a virtual museum for working-class culture

Left Culture -- Highlights radical folksingers, novelists, painters, etc. from the 1930s until today.

Logos: A journal of modern society and culture

Magic for socialism: left-oriented magic tricks

Nick Mamatas: an iconoclastic writer based in NYC

Robert McChesney -- Robert McChesney's website (MR editor and author of books on communications).

Militant Esthetix: Leftwing cultural critics.

Mindfield -- Publishes the novel ILLEGALS and Mindfield Magazine, an eZine that features political satire, short stories, poetry, and interviews.

Moby Lives: very smart and witty articles on art and society

Musicians Against Sweatshops

Richard Neville: Australian satirist

New Music Box: connecting new music and politics

New York Review of Books -- High toned periodical that has lengthy articles on culture and politics from centrist perspective.

nth position: poetry and leftist analysis

Harvey Pekar's blog (American Splendor)

Politics and Culture: leftwing journal edited by Amitava Kumar and Michael Ryan.

Dennis Redmond's website: Adorno specialist.

David Rees: radical comic strip set in an office

Republic Art: progressive artwork in public spaces

Rootsworld: world music website with socially and politically informed reviews

RTMark -- Cultural sabotage aimed at multinational corporations.

Harry Shearer: political satire

Third Page: radical literary magazine

Danny Yee's website: book reviews from a progressive viewpoint.