Research: libraries, publishers and electronic archives

Jane Adams Hull-House Museum.

Berkeley Free Speech Movement archives.

Andy Bluden's home page -- Replete with Marxist and related philosophical documents.

Bolerium Books -- Very fine source of Marxist and radical books and pamphlets.

Brecht Forum -- They sell tapes of outstanding lectures from their forum series.

Socialist History Project: documents from the revolutionary movement in Canada

Cold War Hot Links: Web Sources Relating to the Cold War -- Goldmine of information on McCarthyism, etc. -- Carnegie-Mellon humanites collection, includes left and Marxist texts.

EconoMarx -- Based in France, but written in English, this is a good source of primary and secondary literature on Marxist economics.

Vince Ferraro Website -- Ferraro has a tremendously well-organized chronological database of documents on US foreign policy, many of which would be useful to left critics.

Gotham Center: website created by author of "Gotham", a radical history of NYC.

Hanover College History texts and documents -- Database of historical texts.

Hartford Web Publishing: archive of documents useful to the left debunking Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

History of Economic Thought -- Based at the New School, this is a good source of information on Marxist and non-Marxist economics.

Holt Labor Library -- Webpage for San Francisco library of Marxist literature, with emphasis on Trotskyism.

The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources -- Mainstream documents useful in understanding imperialist policy.

International Institute of Social History: Netherlands based archives of labor and left resources.

Scholar's Guide to the WWW: assembled by Richard Jensen, a retired professor

Lannan Foundation: online video devoted to cultural diversity, including Native American voices.

Marxism Internet Archive -- Writings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Luxemburg and others.

University of Kansas Index of Resources for History -- Similar to Hanover College website above. <