Alternative news and information

Adbusters: Canadian magazine that targets advertising, marketing and consumer capitalism

Alternet -- A project of the Independent Media Institute, a broad-based progressive organization.

William Blum -- Author of "Killing Hope", a country-by-country examination of US counter-revolutionary interventions.

Investigating the new imperialism: Bill Bowles's blog

Bushflash: features Flash graphics on Florida vote-rigging

buzzflash: Alternative news and information

Canadian Dimension: independent socialist magazine.

Center for International Policy: led by Robert White, former diplomat turned critic of US policy in Latin America.

Clamor Magazine: youth-oriented radical news and analysis

Class War: promotes atheism, socialism and vegetarianism

Common Dreams News Center -- Links to "breaking news and views for the progressive community."

Commonwealth Institute: liberal thinktank

Conscious choice: alternative Chicago weekly

Consortium -- Newsletter put out by Robert Parry, who broke the "October Surprise" story involving Reagan's guns for hostage deal.

Counterpunch -- Newsletter co-edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeff St. Clair.

The Crisis Papers: alternative information and news

Critical Media Literacy in Times of War

Cryptome: publishes documents banned by governments worldwide media analysis, based in Minneapolis.

Democratic Underground: alternative news and information produced by disgruntled liberal Democrats in the USA -- Edgy, punkish website devoted to leftwing investigative reporting.

Disinfopedia: monitors public relations

Dissident Voice: alternatives to the mainstream press

Eat the State: Seattle-based radical news

Euskal Herria Journal: Basque nationalists (in English).

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting -- Started in the 1980s, FAIR is the most influential liberal critic of the American mainstream press.

Flakmagazine: alternative news and information

Foreign Policy in Focus: left liberal thinktank.

In the Fray: alternative news and analysis

Free Press: Ohio-based news and information edited by energy expert Harvey Wasserman

Critical Montages: Yoshie Furuhashi's blog

From the Wilderness: alternative news and information

Rich Gibson's Education Page For a Democratic Society.

Global Circle: New Mexico based radical green news and analysis.

Green Left Weekly -- Ecosocialist publication from Australia.

Guerrilla news network: radical news and video.

HighGrader: northern Ontario-based radical magazine.

Independent Media Center -- Attempts to be the indendepent voice of the emerging radical movement.

Information Clearing House: news you won't find on CNN or Fox

In Motion: multicultural, online U.S. publication about democracy

In These Times -- James Weinstein's social democratic magazine.

Institute For Policy Studies: Washington based left-liberal think-tank

Institute for Public Accuracy: consortium of leftwing policy researchers

Institute for Southern Studies -- Publishes "Southern Exposure".

Intervention: online magazine launched by long-time activists, including alternative media producer Danny Schechter

Robert Jensen: anti-racist radical professor at U. of Texas.

David Johnson's Russia email list

La Lutta: a New Media Collective

Left I on the News: Eli Stephens's blog

Left Russia: a political weekly

Lip Magazine: radical webzine that began as a print publication in Chicago.

Against the Grain: archives of Marxist-oriented radio show

Rahul Mahajan's Empire Notes

McLibel: film on corporate hamburger giant

Media Access Project: fights monopoly concentration.

Media Channel: alternative news and information produced by Danny Schechter.

Media Lens: correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media

The memory hole: investigative reporting collected by Russ Kick (Village Voice writer)

Le Monde diplomatique - English edition -- Very good investigative reports, although many can only be read if you are full subscriber ($24 per year.)

Monitor -- The magazine of a California progressive Internet Service Provider.

Monkeyfist: radical news and articles.

Michael Moore's Web Page -- Directed "Roger and Me", a documentary on unemployment in Flint, Michigan.

George Monbiot: Guardian columnist with emphasis on Green and peace issues.

Mother Jones -- Left-liberal American magazine with good reporting on environment and the social movements.

Nader for President 2004 official website

The Nation -- Most prestigious of American left-liberal publications. Over 125 years old. Has shifted to the right under Clinton's presidency.

New Dimensions: new age online radio site, with some good shows mixed in

News for Change -- Sponsored by Working Assets. university-based news and humor about current events

Online Journal: alternative to the mainstream media.

OpEdNews: alternative news and information

Poison Kitchen: a website for disgruntled reporters

Political Research Associates -- monitors the militias, the Klan, neo-Nazis, Larouche, etc.

Press Action: leftwing analysis published by Mark Hand; particularly tough on the "cruise-missile left"

The Progressive -- Embodies American "progressivist" traditions from the turn of the century, such as those embodied in the writings of Charles Beard.

Tom Paine -- Left-liberal web newsletter with ample funding.

Greg Palast: British investigative journalist

Progressive Review -- Edited by Sam Smith in Washington, DC. Aims to provide alternative to mainstream press.

Project Censored: stories that the mainstream press ignores

Rabble: a Canadian based online magazine.

Radio 4 all: supports fight for noncorporate radio

Radio Project: supports alternative programming.

Red Pepper: British leftwing magazine. radical news and information based in Portugal

Retropoll: challenges mainstream polling

Robert Richter videos: documentaries on social and political issues, including the protests against School of the Americas torture training

Seven Oaks Magazine: Vancouver based radical journal

Daniel Singer archives

Smirking Chimp: alternative news and information

Spectre -- New European magazine edited by broad spectrum of left editors. Has viewpoint similar to Z Magazine below.

The Spleen: more alternative news and information

Straight Goods: Canadian based alternative news and analysis

Swans: online newsletter critical of US foreign policy

Take Back the Media

Temple of Democracy: fights against neo-Confedrate movement (tied to John Ashcroft's nomination & Dixie flag, etc.)

Tom Dispatch: Tom Engelhardt's blog (Nation Institute staff member)

Untimely thoughts: news and analysis on the former Soviet Union

Untitled Magazine: graphics-rich radical journal

David Vest: frequent contributor to Counterpunch

Voice of the Turtle: online journal of left-wing politics and culture

Vox News: alternative news and information

Webactive -- Listen to leftwing radio broadcasts over the Internet, including RadioNation and Democracy Now.

What's Left: commentary by Canadian leftist Stephen Gowans

Heather Wokusch: radical journalist

World Revolution: radical information and social theory

Yellow Times: alternative to 'yellow journalism'

The Yes Men: radicals who impersonate corporate bigwigs

Z Magazine -- Anarchist-libertarian publication. Frequent publisher of Noam Chomsky's writings. Excellent web page with back articles and top-flight search capabilities.