African and African American

By Any Means Necessary: defends affirmative action -- Skip Gates and Microsoft joint effort. Contains log of debate between Gates and those opposed to his PBS documentary on Africa.

Africa Action: umbrella group for a number of progressive organizations

AIDC -- Alternative Information and Development Center (AIDC) is a South Africa based think-tank with left/Marxist approach to regional problems.

Applied Research Center: examines racism, publishes "Colorline" magazine.

Black Commentator: commentary, analysis and investigation on issues affecting African-Americans

The Black World Today -- Online newspaper launched by Don Rojas, Maurice Bishop's press secretary.

James and Grace Lee Boggs Center (legendary Detroit-based revolutionaries)

Civil Rights Movement Veterans: remembering activists in the fight against Jim Crow

W.E.B. Dubois Virtual Library -- Excellent resources on DuBois, plus links to other Black Marxists.

Fan the Flame -- a website of Antiguan politics and culture by CLR James scholar Tim Hector.

The Haiti Support Group

Intelligence Squad: News, Politics, Opinion From a Black Perspective

Kabissa: web pages in support of African NGO's.

Martin Luther King Center

Canada Lee: website publicizing play about late African-American actor victimized by McCarthyism

Malcolm X

The Multiracial Activist: quirky but interesting website.

National Black United Front.

Pop and Politics: Website of young African-American journalist Farai Chideya

Konch Magazine -- Edited by long-time activist, scholar and writer Ishmael Reed.

Millions for Reparations: campaign to force USA to pay for slave labor profits

Free Mumia!: information on struggle to defend black liberation activist facing death penalty

Race traitor -- webpage of Noel Ignatiev, and like-minded academics.

Paul Robeson Centennial Celebration.

Without Sanctuary: photo-essay on lynching in the USA