Aren't socialists preachers of class war?

Class war must exist so long as society is divided into classes with opposing interests. Capitalism, by its very nature, creates that division. Class war must end as soon as society is no longer divided into hostile classes. Socialism, by its very nature, creates a classless society. Socialists don’t "preach" class war—they describe the class war that already exists. They call upon the working class to help bring about the change from a society which must be divided into classes to a society where no such division is possible. They urge that universal brotherhood, which can be only a dream under capitalism, be transformed into a reality under socialism.

What the socialists preach is the gospel of Christianity, of human fellowship. That’s what the Encyclopedia Britannica says about their teachings: "The ethics of Socialism are closely akin to the ethics of Christianity, if not identical with them." Does socialism mean taking away people’s private property?

Huberman and Sweezy, "Introduction to Socialism," Monthly Review