As of 2/13/01, number of Palestinians killed since the beginning of

the new Intifada: 368


Number of Palestinians killed under the age of fifteen: 56


Number of Palestinians killed over the age of fifty: 20


Number of Palestinians murdered by Israeli security forces AFTER being

captured, or simply shot at close range without any provocation

whatsoever: 32


Number of Palestinians murdered by Israeli settlers: 22


Number of Palestinians who died because they were not allowed to get

medical treatment: 8


Percent of Palestinians killed who were NOT involved in demonstrations

or clashes: 44%


Ratio of Palestinian civilians killed to members of the Palestinian

security forces killed: 9 to 1


Number of Palestinians who were officially targeted for assassination

by the Israeli Army:  10


Number of innocent bystanders who were killed during these

assassinations: 5


Number of human beings who were either killed or injured by "terrorist

acts masterminded" by the most recent Palestinian to be assassinated by

the Israeli Army: 0


Number of journalists either shot at or beaten up by Israeli soldiers

of settlers: 44


Percent of Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances hit by live ammunition: 68%


Number of cases in which Palestinian ambulances were not allowed to go

through a road block: 109


Number of Olive trees and Fruit trees uprooted: 25,000


[Sources: The information is from reports of the Health, Development,

Information, and Policy Institute (HDIP). These reports can be found at]