Iraq and Monica Welinsky

The all news radio station here in Detroit ("where all the news is local") claimed early this morning that several thousand people lined up for the opening of the new mega-mall in north Oakland County, now one of the most prosperous areas in the US. They began to queue at midnight last night, for a nine a.m. onslaught on the booty available in a shopping center whose claim for fame is that it is carpeted and it has an ecologically correct fast food place, the Rainforest, where it rains inside--but not on you. Then the radio did some election stuff, a few recounts are still in the works here, nothing that would tamp down a Republican landslide in most arenas. They moved on to the Daimler Chrysler merger, consummated today in ways more responsive than Bill was for some time with Monica: tough to sell the Buy American approach nowadays. Then they interviewed some Flint GM ex-strikers who are wondering where Buick went. And finally they got to the, well, possible bombing of that silly country far away--just for a moment before they switched to a live feed from the mall, by then causing a huge traffic jam on I-75. That is the road some 500,000 well armed mostly working class dear hunters will travel in the next couple of weeks--heading north to bag a big one, or to meet one of the hookers and to buy a dead deer from one of the violating locals. I switched to WXYZ 1270 for a moment. They noted that eight bow hunters have died so far this year, falling out of the newly approved tree stands they are using. Natural selection. Back to all-news for a ten-minute tour of the shopping center. News. All news.

So is the connection complete and uninterrupted? Is there no more, "war to keep them outa bed with your sister, war to end all wars, war to make the world safe for, war to stop the dominoes, war to save the med students, war to preserve Kuwaiti democracy?" Is this all there is? Cannot I at least have a crummy excuse? We are going to go bomb the little fucks because we want to go shopping and not be bothered? I think they owe me a better lie. I am demeaned by this crass refusal to deceive. Don't forget to vote next time. It will change your life. I blame Michael Moore. best r, (to the streets, by the way...)

Rich Gibson