Organizing McDonald's in Vancouver

Mike Yates wrote, "Also, don't forget Doug's Left Business Observer with a good article on attempts by the Canadian Auto Workers to organize McDonald's workers."

The article on the union drive at Mc'ds was excellent. I grew up, live and work in Squamish where the union drive is taking place. Squamish (pop. 12,000) is a union town bar none. The towns council contains mostly socialists and the union density is very high, I would estimate that about 75% of the jobs here are union. We has an excellent demo here this past weekend in support of the youngsters at Mcdonalds. Some council members gave speeches. The Mc'ds here is kinda unique in that it is privately owned by a single individual ( the appropriately named Paul Savage.) and because of its proximity to the highway to Whistle r(N .America's premier ski resort) is one of, if not the, highest volume Mcdonald's in all of N.America (I don't have the stats.) When Mcdonald Corp, realized just how profitable this outlet was, it attempted to buy it back. Savage refused. There will be no intimidation here. If the author of the article is around, I can send her some press clippings from the local rag as well as any other information I can drum up(if she's interested.)

Sam Pawlett.