What is the orientation of the Colombian guerrilla groups?

Michael Charles Saltz wrote: Considering everything that is going on in Colombia (and the growing US involvement i.e millions more money this year) I thought it would be wise to know what "kind" of Marxists these guerrilla groups are?

Marxist-Leninist. The ELN is Castroite while the FARC used to be pro-Moscow. Since the disappearance of the USSR and Cuba's forced retreat, both groups have turned more towards nationalism and an indigenous brand of marxism-leninism incorporating domestic history and symbols(e.g. Simon Bolivar.). If you read Spanish, the FARC and ELN have good websites with some documents in english. Hopefully, I will be posting on Colombia within the next while when we can discuss these issues more. Last summer, we had Comandante Sanchez from the FARC speak up here where he stated that the goal of the FARC was the overthrow of the state and the instituting of a popular state in Colombia. He said it would probably be another 5-10 years. The G's are going to have to make alliances with other unarmed groups if they hope to have a chance at overthrowing the state.There is a bit of a gap between what the G's say and do.Here is an excerpt of an interview with Manuel Cardona of the FARC diplomatic commission. It appeared in the 12/12/96 issue of El Siglo, the Chilean Communist Party weekly.(trans. mine) " ... our movement is political, now we have to consolidate our conception of marxism-leninism, because we are convinced that socialism is the only option for humanity. Before we became a military movement we were solely a political movement. Experience has shown us that armed groups without ideology and clear theory is counterproductive to the struggle.."

Sam Pawlett.