Is Nato's war anti-fascist?

Living as we do in a major metropolitan (imperialist) Western country we should be very careful about how we use the term fascism - which for all those who lived through or remember the history of WW2 - implies not merely a dictatorship, but the ruthless dictatorship of a country setting out to conquer the world. I will give Chris Burford and Rosemary Bechler the benefit of the doubt, by interpreting their use of the term in relation to the government of Serbia as simply a colloquial use merely implying dictatorship, but I still believe its use in the current context is dangerously suggestive that they have been brain-washed by the powers-that-be in those two major imperialist countries Britain and the USA.

Living as we do in a major Western country, we should remember that for most of the last century and the first half of the present century the two countries which controlled most of the world - and stood in the way of freedom and peaceful development of that world - were Britain and France, with Germany coming up fast behind in the years around 1900. Fascism was adopted by the ruling classes of Italy and Germany and developed with two main aims - to suppress the growing strength of the Communist parties and the trade union movement at home, and to seek "lebensraum" - other areas of the world to dominate. Throughout the thirties governments in Britain and France sympathised with the first of these aims - but eventually were drawn to counter Germany (not as an anti-fascist struggle) but to maintain their world dominant position.

After 1945, with Britain and France greatly weakened, the US government took over as the dominant power - and has consistently aimed to secure its unilateral dominance of the whole world, while always claiming to act in the cause of FREEDOM (which for them REALLY means freedom for US capital to have unfettered entry to markets the world over).

Rather than imagining that a US-dominated NATO is leading an anti-fascist struggle one needs to turn away from all the propaganda and just consider the record - which indicates that in REALITY the US government has taken over the two main aims shared by fascist Italy and Nazi Germany: to keep the demands of ordinary people in check and to retain and extend market dominance.

The "white man's burden" of Anglo/French colonialism is now replaced - in the same mealy-mouthed and "looking-glass" use of words - by the Anglo/American "humanitarian" need to bomb other countries to "save them from themselves (or their local dictators)"!!!