Consciousness from a Marxist perspective


I wrote this today. My friend, Carrol Cox, encouraged me to rejoin this list which I lurked upon last summer in silence for a short before I left because I couldn't keep up with the volume of e-mail involved in my various subscriptions. I am mainly here to learn. Especially with the U.S. creating a crisis in Europe (Kosovo) I want to advance what I think are the grounds for understanding consciousness. I hope that what I have to say is welcome. I will paste in something I wrote today.

Hello Moderator and everyone,

I want to write upon the issue of consciousness from a Marxist perspective. However, I want what I have to say to be of use to everyone participating, or at least thought provoking. I reproduce an outline below of areas which seem to me worth writing about. Let me know if I am not welcome. I will move on to some place where I can put these ideas forward. I will write observations about specific areas I have outlined below in short concise formats.

High Performance Computing a look at the limitations of pc computing, and where culture is shaped by image making. The motion picture and construction of motion. Modern movie techniques.

Biology of the Brain Modularity of the mind, connectionist versus socio-biology thinking. Primarily derived from "Rethinking Innateness, A Connectionist Perpsective on Development", essays by various persons, a Bradford Book, MIT Press, 1996.

Postmodernism, specifically so-called Queer Theory. A look at name calling and what that does in the brain. Applying the concept of "knowing anothers mind" with regard to autism, and evolution. A critical look at various Postmodernist, Butler, Kristeva, Zizek.

Disability rights Access methods about human consciousness and the world wide web, Looking at recommendations for electronic access to the internet for blind people, dyslexics, cognitive dysfunctions etc. A look at the guidelines provided by the W3 foundation and who writes those rules. Interviews with persons familiar with universal design. The shaping of communications and the workers role in a world wide grid of thought.

Workers organization in a high performance computing regime. … Habermas like communication, High speed transfer of graphical images, satellite based tracking, mapped social systems. … Evolution of language

Ideology and Religion … How religion emerges from modular structures of the brain. How modules of the brain produce religion. "The Prehistory of the Mind", Steven Mithen, Thames and Hudson, 1996. … How Marxism itself is suitable to brain structures. Another look at how Lenin looked at ideology, sectarianism, the departmental structure of communist organizations, the role of leadership in party affairs. Using high performance computing as a tool to structure social organization ideologically.

Anyone familiar with my recent role on Left Business Observer, please feel free to be critical.