Cumbia-Andean music fusion

Hola A Todos:

Since it seems that we are still in the middle of reintroducing the 1970's culture to the late 1990's generation, it is not surprising that one of the cultural aspects making a comeback is Andean music (Peru, Bolivia, and Chile). Presently, there are many bands in Mexico who are bringing back the sound of the Incas by creating a fusion between that music and Colombian cumbia music. The major difference between the present bands and the one's from the late '70s such as Inti-Illimani is that lack of class issues. Most of the current crop of Andean music bands (most coming from Mexico) are more on the romantic ballad type. Still, if anyone is interested in following up on these groups, I recommend Los Yes-Yes, Wara's, Askis, Yungas, Yahaira, and Kalimba. Maybe this will lead the rehearing of Inti-Illimani and similar bands.

erik toren

pharr, tx