What is the "All India Science Movement"?

There is nothing called the 'All India Science Movement' There are a number of different peoples science organisations all over India. These organisations are rather diverse, with ideologies ranging from variants of Gandhism, to radical left. The most well known of these is undoubtedly the Kerala Shastra Sahitya Parishad (KSSP), which is a massive organisation. Most of its humanpower is composed of school teachers, and it has informal affiliation with the Communist Party of India [Marxist]. Another active group is called Bharatiye Gyan Vigyan Jatha (Indian Science and Knowledge movement). In the late eighties(especially) the Peoples Science organisations in India tried to come together and form various networks. One of them is the All India Peoples Science Network. Dinesh Abrol, who is mentioned by Ulhas's post, is a prominent member of the Delhi Science Forum, which is another well known 'peoples science organisation' and also affiliated (informally) with the CPM. The science movement is interesting, and largely influenced by the left (Though I believe exceptions exist, like the PPST -- Peoples Progressive Science and Technology -- which started with the line of revival of native Indian science, and some say is today close to the Hindu right) However it is not, in general, a peoples movement, though it has led peoples movements in the past. In particular today it is playing a leading role in the anti-nuke movement, after India exploded her nuclear bombs. Its activities are in the field of science education, environmental movements, popular science education (anti-obscurantism and anti-fundamentalism), use of appropriate technology to improve peoples lives, raising issues related to science policy and economic policy etc.


Many thanks for this extremely valuable information. As industrial devastation works through community after community in Europe, leaving skilled workers of many kinds either redundant or in menial jobs, there is a growing need for a complete rethink along the lines of sustainable jobs for sustainable development. This only has prospects of moving forward through some kind of co-operative network, as free as possible of the market and capitalism. The natural extension of that is establishing links with like movements elsewhere to extend practical co-operation, collaboration and free exchange of ideas, produce and services.

You seem to know these movements well. Undoubtedly some of the scientists involved will be on e-mail. Perhaps you know some. If so, please forward this mail to them so that contact can be made.

Once again, thanks Ashok

Walter Keen