Ten Commandments of World Revolution

To begin with, be conscious of the danger of system co-optation.

Secondly, be on guard about sophisticated rationalization; make a point of regularly revisiting fundamentals.

Thirdly, have unshakable respect for the common man and his poorly articulated views. Understand that one's own accomplishments and positions as part of the collective tool for the struggle for universal justice.

Fourth, trust one's instincts. Usually injustice and suffering are highly visible if one has not been trained to deny them.

Fifth, give victims the benefits of the doubt; if a wounded person says its painful, it is painful.

Sixth, the weaker side is usually right in any dispute, for why else should any chose to be on the losing side beside a respect for truth?

Seventh, historical conditions are as important as current facts; historic make us, current facts disguises us.

Eighth, be weary of professionalism and arguments such as: "This the not the proper place to deal with this issue". The time is always now and the place is always here and the issue is always real and important. It is the calculus of little "insignificant" issues that makes revolutions.

Ninth, permanent revolution must be the only goal. Keep pushing. Make waves. Make people uncomfortable about their complacency and self satisfaction.

Tenth, politics is all and is the business of all.

That is the new Ten Commandments of world revolution.