Dita Sari released from Indonesian prison

It occurred to me that comrades may not know who Dita Sari and Mugiyanto are.

Dita was the highest profile woman comrade in the PRD when she was arrested, leading a demonstration of 20000 workers. SInce then, while imprisoned, she has suffered, and fortunately recovered from, an attack of typhoid - a disease usually caused by contamination of drinking water by feces - a profound comment on the Indonesian prison system.

She was also blamed (rightly or wrongly) for inciting Indonesia's largest prison riots, leading to her being transferred to a smaller prison, in which there were no other political prisoners.

She is still in her 20s.

I met Mugiyanto a couple of years ago. He was a 'good Islamic boy' - while we drank beer together, he refrained from ordering a pork dish at the Japanese restaurant at which we ate - he wasn't used to it. (The pork _I_ ate was very nice, thank you.)

This was _before_ he was arrested and tortured. I'd never had someone I could possibly, if presumptuously, consider a friend go through this before. I was, obviously, _very_ glad when he got out of there alive. It's not surprising he's in Europe.

He's still in his 20s, too.

Comrades, these people are for real. They've paid their dues. They're _us_.

It's great Dita is out. When she gets over the shit she's been through, she may well prove to be the best thing that's ever happened to Indonesia. But if I was her, I'd take a few months off, just to recover...

Alan Bradley