Clinton visits the Indian reservations

Bill's talk is even less than cheap and even less than zero--like skin cream for a syphilitic rash or an aspirin for cancer; it prevents and leads away from proper diagnosis and treatment of some deep pathologies.

It is Bill's Administration that has steadfastly refused to accept even the notion of Indigenous Peoples being covered under common Law of Nations, UN conventions like the 1948 Convention on Genocide or the Vienna Convention on Treaties. It is his administration that refuses to return over $5 billion in "missing" Tribal Trust Funds held by BIA that destroyed records wholesale; and it is his administration that refuses to demand payments by Oil, Gas and Mineral companies that were allowed to exploit Reservation reserves under terms and royalty formulae that grossly undervalued the oil, gas and mineral reserves exploited. It was his administration that published a list of proposed toxic waste sites with 72 out of 73 designated sites being Indian Reservations. It is his administration that cut funding to Indian Health Service Clinics in real per capita terms while life-threatening diseases like AIDS, TB and Diabetes are found on Reservations at rates four to six times the national rates.

At Browning, we have 80% unemployment with 90% plus of those employed receiving Federal paychecks. The Tribal funds have been looted by Tribal corruption (of which Bill's administration is well aware) such that recently the Tribal Council members took some personal money from a Texas Oil company and a Canadian Oil Company and cut a deal to lease 740,000 acres (out of a total of 937,000 acres on the Reservation) for 55 years with full oil, gas and mineral rights for $20 an acre (The Blood Blackfoot a few miles away in Canada get $5000 an acre for full rights).

All over Indian country there have been murders of Tribal activists in Tribal and other jails and Bill's administration knows about it full well. The Feds know that the Meth-amphetamine lab that serves Great Falls, Montana is located at Old Agency on the "Blackfeet" Reservation and do nothing about it. The Feds know the names of all the dope dealers in Browning (many relatives of members on the Tribal Council and or connected insiders) and do nothing about it. The Feds know about all of the families that have had allotted lands stolen through coerced or fraudulent "sales" to non-Indians and do nothing about it. They know about murders of Tribal activists at Browning and elsewhere and do nothing about it. Why? Because drunken, drugged-up and/or corrupt Indians are easy to control and easy to steal from, hoodwink or cheat.

In 1962 the BIA was set up as a final authority to "certify" who and what is an Indian--the final authority on enrollment. An internal memo leaked said openly that they would keep a 25% blood-quantum requirement and let inter-marriage, early deaths and poor records "take care of the Indian problem" by killing or defining away Indians.

The US has no business talking to anyone about human rights anywhere. And this disingenuous and duplicitous crap of Clinton's (he will use anyone or any cause or any place as a prop for his contrived/feigned concerns and machinations) is but more lies and cover-up heaped upon an already large pile of lies and cover-ups.

Jim Craven