China, Taiwan and American bellicosity

The U.S. Government "announced" today that any attempts by the PRC to settle the Taiwan question or "takeover" Taiwan through force would be regarded as a serious threat to the "west" Pacific Region and therefore affecting U.S. "interests" which would produce a serious response by the U.S. This announcement was made immediately after the Taiwan regime announcing that it was giving up a "One-China" Policy and their hubris in their absurd claim of being the sole representative of the Chinese People.

Here we go again: Creating and exacerbating artificial divisions within/among Peoples, Groups and Territories of whole nations, setting up and protecting puppets and puppet regimes with no support among the broad populace, summarily "creating" and "declaring" the existence of "new sovereign nations" carved out of the totality of an historical territory and nation, giving this new puppet nation a name and mythical "popular base", and then summarily declaring any attempt at reunification to be an "attack" by one "aggressor nation" against another "sovereign nation" merely defending itself. The examples are numerous: China, Korea, Vietnam, Yemen...

It is clear to me that the myth of the end of "The Cold War" and the myth of "The End of History" coupled with the persistence of the "Vietnam War Syndrome" have produced strains in popular culture, changes in popular attitudes toward the scope and acceptable uses of US imperial forces--and "acceptable costs" in the uses of US imperial forces--that threaten future projections of US imperial power and support for traditional concubine regimes of the US. Hence the mounting drumbeats and strains of bellicose rhetoric typical of the old "Cold War" rhetoric.

So we see "60 Minutes" indicting--and purporting to "prove" without "proving" anything--that the whole PRC is guilty for many deaths of Third World children due to the substitution of anti-freeze for normal glycerine syrup in children's medicines for cough and fever--supposedly ultimately traceable to a firm in the PRC. We get the subtle and not-so-subtle jingoism and national chauvinism in sport as evidenced in the recent Women's World Cup of Soccer and of course we will see an increase in "Tom-Clancy-like" programs on network TV perhaps even a revival of "The Chairman" with Gregory Peck. Further, all services of the US military report recruitments re-enlistments down and critical labor shortages emerging or prevailing.

I find some of Daniel Bell's "The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism" intriguing; specifically the contradiction between cultural forms and content necessary to produce the "We" consciousness in the forms of national jingoism and national chauvinism necessary for popular support for imperial power projection under various guises ("We" are Number 1; "We" are a beacon for all in terms of human rights, decency, progress, efficiency; "We" are destined as the world's policeman since "We" are the most advanced country and people on earth; "We" must sacrifice in the present for future stategic advances and sacred causes; etc etc) VERSUS the cultural forms and content necessary to produce the atomistic, selfish, materialistic, ultra-individualistic, fad-driven, nominally undisciplined/unregimented conspicuous consumer(s) that is/are necessary for expanded markets, profitability and reproduction of monopoly capitalism VERSUS the cultural forms and content necessary to produce/reinforce the "disciplined", obedient, regimented, ultra-specialized, sacrificing, "team player", non-union/non-organizable worker(s) necessary for profitability, accumulation and expanded reproduction of monopoly capitalism VERSUS the cultural forms and content necessary to promote reinforce new transnational patterns, effects, interests and mechanisms of neoliberal globalism ("We" are the world; global interdependence and "trickle-down"--masquerading essential "vacuum/loot up", transnational alliances enhance rather than threaten national sovereignty, the idea of the nation or nationhood is passe etc).

James Craven