Prelude to WWIII?

No doubt it has already been said, but I would like to highlight another motive and consequence of the NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia is coming out.

Consider this. The old United Nations had the USSR, China on one side and Britain, France and the US on the other (I am not implying the USSR was allied with China; but these two nations were both anti-Western). The West found it very hard to use the UN as a vehicle for imperialist activity. There are some exceptions - namely the Korean war, because the West was blocking Chinese entry into the UN, and the USSR had removed itself from active role in protest at this.

NATO was formed as a Cold War organisation; to counteract it was the Warsaw Pact on the Stalinist side. NATO could not use itself to play an active imperialist role, because that could easily result in thermo-nuclear war. Not only that, but the West was determined to minimise Eastern influence; and the East was determined to minimise Western influence. The result? The UN was the major world organisation.

But times have changed. The USSR has been dismembered, and reverted to capitalism. Because of the economic ruin brought on it by the system, it is at the mercy of the West. However, the Russian bourgeoisie relies on nationalism to a certain extent; on a fictitious yet dangerous ideology of pan-Slavism. The Russian regime has been forced to take on a moderately anti-Western slant. China also has kept some of its anti-imperialist rhetoric (though we could argue about Chinese property relations all day long, as other internet Marxist discussions have).

So, the West finds it hard to use the United Nations to prove the legitimacy of its actions, and faces having many actions blocked in future. Yet at the same time, Russia is in a weaker position, especially in its present state, so cannot prevent the West overriding the United Nations, which has representation of anti-Western nations on the Security Council.

That is where NATO comes into the picture. By using the organisation to bomb Yugoslavia because of Kosovo, the West can say it is for "humanitarian reasons". This changes NATO from a defence alliance, into a global policeman. Or so that is the image conveyed. It steals this image from the United Nations. The UN becomes powerless. NATO members can now enforce their interests in future, yet under a policeman illusion. This would mean Western imperialism has never been as strong since before World War I.

Yet some conflicts come to light. The Russian regime, resting on nationalism, is determined that Russia is still a superpower. The West is adamant that it is not, and perceives no danger from Russia. We get to the stage where Russia is like a person hypnotised into thinking he is stronger than he actually is; and there is a danger. When (if) Russia emerges from its present economic depression, it will no longer be so much at the mercy of the West. The West will continue to expand its imperialist operations under the illusion of its new image. Russia will try to reclaim its position, with a much more nationalistic regime in power.

We must remember that at a time when NATO is getting stronger, the UN is getting weaker. Regional military alliances are springing up all over the place - a sympton of the UN's continuing demise - such as in Western Africa. UN peace deals are falling to bits, as in Angola. Its failure in Rwanda has further damaged its credibility.

The West will now try to become the imperialist dictator of the world, having enforced its ideology on all nations, and having united itself into one pact with supreme control. However, nations such as Russia and China will be forced to 'rebel' against this position. We could therefore see a Third World War situation develop.

--Owen Jones