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January February

Latin America:
Brazil Financial Crisis
The Wolftones and Solidarity with Argentina
Marxist history of Argentina -- mid 19th century

Art and Revolution:
Joris Ivens: Socialist film maker
Australian poets and the left
Folk art and Stalinism
The avant-garde and Marxism

Marxism and Crime:
Prostitution and the class struggle
Recommended readings on prison

Problems of the Left:
Origins of the Workers World Party
Bernard Coard and the New Jewel Movement
Paul Cockshott and Bill Warren versus Irish nationalism

Where is China going?
China's claim to Tibet

TINA Australian style
Oil and crisis

Is Russia turning fascist?

Stephen Jay Gould and dialectics

Socialism and personal tragedy

Latin America:
Brazil Financial Crisis
The Church and unemployment in Brazil
What has happened to the Shining Path?

Ancient Civilizations:
Chinese Art and Poetry
The Khwarizm
Museums and Imperialism

Marx and Skinner
Marxism and Justice

Neoclassical economics and postmodernism
Misery of an economics professor

The Former Soviet Union:
Bertel Ollman's analysis
The Russian Mafia

Primitive Communism:
Primitive communism and socialist revolution
Reminiscences of an anthropology major

Radical Portraits:
Padmore and CLR James
Hitchens versus Cockburn
Hugo Oehler versus Trotsky
IWW protests
Death of a Portugese Communist



March April

Latin America:
Brazil Financial Crisis
Brazil's Unger: middle-class radicalism
Colombia's growing tensions

Is revolutionary art possible?
Marxist commentaries on cricket and football
Pete Seeger: warts and all
"Late Season": a film about Eichmann
Cumbia-Andes fusion
Soviet Jokes

Science and psychology
Marxism and psychology
All India Science Movement
Mayhew contra reductionism

Confronting imperialism:
China spying scandal
Gulbenkian foundation and imperialism
Mbeki versus the "truth commission"
Why Lafontaine resigned
What is World Systems Theory?

Latin America:
Understanding Brizola
Working and retirement in Latin America

Was Alan Lomax a Communist?
Asian economic collapse and Hong-Kong film

War in Yugoslavia
Background to the war
Fighting Hitler and fighting Milosevic
Self-determination for Kosovo?
Bernie Sanders: "socialist warmonger"
Media bias
The view from Manchester, England
Opening salvo of WW3?
Labor's stake in the war
A cowardly war
Allende, Pinochet and a Yugoslav policeman

The Littleton High-School Massacre

Recent Left conferences

A neo-fascist's election in Austria

Reverend Al

May June

Latin America:
Argentina's continuing economic collapse
Cardoso and Milosevic
War on Yugoslavia, comparisons with Paraguay in the 1860s

War in Yugoslavia:
WWII, antiwar politics, solidarity with Russia
Is the war against the Serbs "anti-fascist"?
Roundup of antiwar protests worldwide
A review of a Yugoslav antiwar movie
Letter from an Argentinian to a Serb
War in Yugoslavia: historical and economic context
Spillover to Vojvodina?
Russian political crisis: the impact on Yugoslavia
A reply to Against the Current/Solidarity

Marxist theory
Marxism and a theory of consciousness
Marx and Engels: attitude toward peasants
David Harvey, Leibniz and Marx

The Cold War revisited:
Morgenthau and "realpolitik"
Harry Truman

London Calling
Walt Whitman: America's Rudyard Kipling?

Obituary for a trade unionist

Status of British Communism


WWP replies to Dave McReynolds
Antiwar protests
Milosevic, Castro and Peron
Vojvodina's autonomy

Marxist theory:

Who is Baudrillard?
Who are Bauer and Stirner?

The Black Struggle:
CLR James and the Panthers
Robert F. Williams
A movie about blacklisted African-Americans

Does the Third World really exist?
Lenin's theory reconsidered
Ten Commandments of World Revolution

Communications theory and socialism:
Gramsci and email
Party-building, consciousness and email
Picasso, movies and interaction

Peter Camejo's Long Wave
Maoist economics and politics

Benny Goodman's radicalism
Crown of Columbus
Odds Against Tomorrow

The car is destroying the city

Short History of the US working class

A vacation diary from cowboy and indian country

July August

China and Maoism:
Why the fuss over Mao?
Propaganda over Pol Pot
Falung Gong in historical context
China, Taiwan and imperialist bellicosity

Latin America:
Revolution in Colombia, part 1: historical background
Revolution in Colombia, part 2: guerrilla origins
Reflections on the FARC
Colombia y la intervencion norteamericana
Democracy in Cuba
Popular Power in Cuba

WTO and banana wars
Considerations on "Four Days in September"
Argentinians ignorant of their history?
Mercosur, Brazil and Argentina
Hugo Chavez: "man on a white horse?" 

Marxist theory
Thinking and Realism
Marxism and postmodernism

Edward Dmytryk
Edgy young filmmakers with a reactionary message
A Simple Plan
A defense of Stalin's artistic policy
South Park

Modern art and the CIA

Modern architecture and socialism

Lillian Hellman and Dashiel Hammet
Hanns Eisler
Crisis at Pacifica

Peter Camejo's long wave, continued

Revolutionary and labor history:
Ruth Fischer and the Eislers
Reflections on the Cochranites
Decline and fall of American Trotskyism
Organizational flexibility in building parties
Who was Georg Scheuer?

Paul Buhle's new book on the labor movement

Former Soviet Union:
A conversation with Hillel Ticktin

Bertrand Russell and Bolshevism

Clinton speaks to the American Indian
Stalled peace process in Ireland
Dita Sari released from prison

Black Struggle:
What to make of black Democrats?

Problems of everyday life:
JFK Jr. necrophilia
What happened to the generation of 1968?