When I was about 11 or 12, a group of kids and me broke into the basement of Sam Katzowitz’s print shop and stole a big box of baseball cards that came 5 to a pack of bubble gum. We used to play “parachute”, a game that involved dropping a baseball card while you were standing. If your card landed on another kid’s, you win the card. If we had held on to the cards, they’d be worth tens of thousands of dollars today. Not very co-operative of us!


I should add that one of the thieves was a kid named Steve Gerson whose dad owned the fruit and vegetable store that my dad took over in the late 50s. He was always quite a bit wilder than me. He was drafted in the army and went to Vietnam, returning with a heroin addiction. He died of an overdose in the early 70s if memory serves me.